Why São Paulo?
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Paulista Avenue Paulista Avenue Paulista Avenue


Avenida Paulista - Paulista Avenue

Avenida Paulista, or Paulista Avenue, is the most famous avenue in São Paulo.

It is one of the largest business and cultural center of the city. It has pieces of modern and old architecture.

The MASP is located at Avenida Paulista. Other important and nice places to visit, such as Rua Augusta, art galleries, hotels and restaurants, are also located nearby.

Some fun facts are that Avenida Paulista is considered to have the most expensive real estate in all Latin America, and the world’s largest gay pride parade takes place in Avenida Paulista in May/June.

Night at Avenida Paulista Day at Avenida Paulista Day at Avenida Paulista

Photo1 by Fernando Oliveira

Photo2 by Wally Gobetz

Photo3 by André Banyai