Why São Paulo?
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Benedito Calixto

The outdoor market Benedito Calixto, or just Calixto, goes all day on Saturday (9AM-7PM) selling antiques, handcrafted items and food. Around noon live music and dancing starts near the food court.

You can find much traditional food from all parts of Brazil, especially northeastern region. Some famous snacks are cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, acarajé, coconut water, esfihas and pasteis.

Address: Praça Benedito Calixto – Jardim Paulista.

municipal market municipal market municipal market municipal market

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On Saturdays the area around MASP host two outdoor markets.

The one under the museum is the most famous and has a great variety of antiques.

The other one is located across is a handicrafts market and also has street food.

masp market masp market

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Mercado Municipal

Municipal Market of São Paulo, or Mercadão, is São Paulo’s most famous market. It was opened in 1933 and has a distinct architecture with stained glass imported from Germany.

On the first floor you can find a great variety of food from all parts of Brazil such as fruits, spices, meat, sweets and seafood. The second floor has a Gourmet Lounge with traditional dishes such as Sanduiche de Mortadela(Bologna Sandwich) and Pastel de Camarão(Shrimp Brazilian Style Empanada).

Besides a touristic place, the Municipal Market is also an important supply center for the city.

Be careful with your purse or bag and don’t bring valuable items because the area around the market is not 100% safe.

It is located in downtown, near 25 de Março street.

Address: Rua Cantareira (Cantareira Street), 306.

Official website:http://www.oportaldomercadao.com.br/

municipal market municipal market municipal market

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