Why São Paulo?
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Original JavaScript Component

The original JavaScript components added to this website are functions called showPic and closePic.

These components are responsible for displaying bigger versions of the thumbnail images (that are in almost all pages of this website) and closing them. This event happens when a thumbnail image is clicked.

I added a different opacity on hover for these images in order to make easier to the visitor to understand the images are clickable.

I also added another function with JavaScript called showMenu. It shows a hidden menu on Culture&Art->Museums, Food->Bakeries and Sightseeing->Markets pages. It has a small arrow that indicates the menu will appear under it.

DHTML Component

The DHTML Component on this website is the main image that changes automatically. The function changePic() is responsible for that.

Some pages have more image than others, but all of them changes the image in a loop.

Corrections from Project 1

Since project 1 I changed the headings of some pages in order to make them similar. All of them are in english on the menus and have both english and portuguese titles on the page header.

I fixed all typos and double checked the new text added on this page and comments page.

Adding PHP helped me to add more code to the includes.

I checked if all pages and the CSS file were valid. All pages that have a section menu with a submenu does not validate because I created ul inside another ul. I had to create that in order to keep the current page with a different backgroud color. I'll think in a valid solution in the future but for this project these pages won't validate because of this error.



Site Map

Google Maps - In all pages that have a specific place, as a museum or park, I added a Google Map element using JavaScript.

I added more than one JavaScript component.




All smaller images used have their source in a h4 tag under them.